About US

WebHostingUP, established in 2016, is a privately held company that has been helping businesses establish an online presence by taking care of all their web presence requirements. We host websites catering to business of all sizes, professionals and home users. Our specialization lies in Shared Hosting with unparalleled package customizations to suit the needs of all kinds of users.

We are a team of professionals who are really passionate about technology and are constantly working towards ensuring a great hosting experience for you. our state-of-art infrastructure ensures high availability, seamless performance and reliable security for your mission critical applications. we have developed a strong network of huge Customer base across the globe. web designers, web developers, application developers as well as small, medium and large businesses have trusted us with their hosting requirements time and again.

We strongly believe that a great product needs to be backed by exceptional support. All our products and services have round the clock support throughout the year. All in all, we are a bunch of really passionate people who want to leave no stone unturned to make your WebHostingUP experience the best ever !